The alternative fuels index is a weekly publication that disseminates detailed information on all of the Department of Energy approved alternative fuels. The DOE approved alternatives include biodiesel alternative fuel, ethanol alternative fuel, electricity, natural gas, propane, and p-series fuel. Its main function is to provide accurate wholesale prices for these fuels to be used as benchmarks. The alternative fuels index is one of the main publications in the alternative fuel industry. It also provides up to date changes and trends in the industry as well as commentary on the outlook of uses of alternative fuels such as biodiesel alternative fuel and ethanol alternative fuel. The alternative fuels index is published by the Energy Management Institute. The publication also gives advertisers the opportunity to share their products and services to others in the industry. The publication is available in hard copy as well as the internet. The typical format of the publication includes coverage of all seven of the alternative fuels with a concluding section that discusses national news surrounding alternative fuels industry. Also included in each addition is a breakdown of the prices of each alternative fuel according to state. The average price for several major markets is shown as well as a national average. Canadian prices are also show, but not as extensively. The publishers of the Alternative Fuels Index strictly prohibit the reproduction of their material without written permission. Subscriptions can be made month to month or annually. Their offices are located in New York, NY.

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