What Is Switchgrass Ethanol?

Dec 10

What is switchgrass ethanol? This is ethanol that is produced using switchgrass as the feedstock, and it has many of the ethanol fuel pros and cons. Ethanol subsidies help switchgrass ethanol production, and helps this sector stay competitive in the alternative energy industry. This native grass has many benefits when it comes to biofuel production. It grows very quickly, and does not require fertile land that could be used for food crops instead. When switchgrass is used it eliminates the fuel versus food debate that appears when corn or other food crops are used to produce ethanol. This grass is full of cellulose, and the parts of the plant that can not be converted into biofuel can be used to provide heat for the process instead. Switchgrass ethanol receives ethanol subsidies because this type of biofuel may be the key to the future of clean fuels. Without subsidies much of the developments in this sector would not be possible, even with private investments as well. Ethanol fuel pros and cons show that this biofuel has great promise and potential, and when it is switchgrass ethanol the pros are increased while there are fewer disadvantages. This type of biofuel may be referred to as the cellulose type or the second generation of this biofuel. Switchgrass is commonly grown by many farmers on land that needs to be protected from soil erosion across the United States, so there is already a significant supply of this feedstock available. Buying this grass type from the farmers would encourage even more planting and harvesting on land that is not used for other purposes.

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