Evaluating the ethanol fuel pros and cons can help determine whether this alternative fuel choice is right for you. Ethanol subsidies have helped to bring the price of ethanol e85 and others of this fuel type down some. The ethanol fuel pros and cons must look at which feedstocks are used in the process. If the feedstock used is also used in the food supply, such as corn or sweet sorghum, then this is a con on the subject. The newer generation of ethanol does not use food crops, it uses other plants and many types of waste instead. The plants used grow quickly and do not require fertile land. These feedstocks can include agricultural wastes, castor bean plants, switchgrass, rapeseed, and others. Ethanol fuel pros and cons should also look at the disadvantages as well as the positive side. Ethanol e85 is mostly ethanol, but there is some gasoline included and it has higher emissions and pollutants when burned. Ethanol subsidies have brought the prices down, but there are very few places where this fuel type is actually available across the United States. A majority of all these stations across the country are located in just a few states in the Midwest, making it hard to find and purchase in many areas. Ethanol is renewable, because the plants used can be replanted and grown over and over again. This biofuel is also produced domestically, so there is more stability when it comes to pricing and security and the supply is less likely to be disrupted.

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