Landfill Biogas: What is it?

Nov 28

Landfill biogas is one of the renewable energy sources, and this gas is a sustainable energy source as well. Natural gas and landfill biogas have a lot in common, and landfills can be alternative energy sources which are eco friendly and efficient at the same time. When organic waste, such as food scraps, paper, and other garbage are put into a landfill, the material starts to break down and decompose. As organic matter decomposes, it releases methane gas, and this is present in natural gas that is used to create electricity and heat homes. This gas does not have any smell or color, so it is impossible to detect without special equipment. Landfills may accumulate the gases released from the decaying organic material, and it is explosive and hazardous if not released.

Landfill Biogas
Landfill biogas is a natural byproduct of the decay process, and new rules require all landfills to either collect or burn off the methane gas that collects in the landfill. Landfill biogass can be burned off, so there is no safety hazards or environmental pollution, but this sustainable energy source can also be collected and used as one of the renewable energy sources available. Using landfills as alternative energy sources because of the biogas produced may be a very good idea. These gases must be released, and it just makes sense to use them as a clean source of power instead of wasting them by simply burning them off. Some landfills may use an anaerobic digester, to speed up the decay and gasification process.

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