1. Unlimited Profit Potential
The biofuel industry may have unlimited profit potential. As fossil fuels become depleted and are harder to find and recover, the amounts and types of biofuels in use will probably increase. The food versus fuel debate is no longer an issue most of the time, and this just adds to the popularity increase in these fuels.

Biofuel Industry
2.Environmentally Friendly Fuel Source
One of the benefits of biofuels is that they are very environmentally friendly, and they do not cause harm during recovery. Mining for coal and drilling for oil causes extensive damage to the earth, but biofuels are produced from plants and other organic materials. There is no digging or drilling required, and the earth is not harmed in the process.

3.Fewer Greenhouse Gas Emissions And Pollution
The benefits of biofuels are many. One of these that plays a big role in the biofuel industry is the fact that when these alternative fuels are burned in vehicles there is much less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. This means less smog and contributions to global warming.

4.End Dependence On Foreign Oil
The biofuel industry may be able to end the dependence that the United States has on foreign oil. Domestic sources are used, so there are no international complications involved. This will also help strengthen national security, and prevent world situations affect the domestic energy and fuel supply, causing higher prices.

There are several types of biofuels, and there are many different feedstocks used. This means there is a wide range of choices with these investments, including new products which are considered second or third generation technology.

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