This is a list of the five major causes of global warming and the overall effects that each one causes. Some of the list may be considered as natural however, they were ultimately caused by interference by humankind into the natural balance.

Causes And Effects Of Global Warming
1. Methane Greenhouse Gas From Farm Animals
One of the natural causes of global warming is the release of methane gas from livestock and agricultural animals. This causes an increase in methane in the atmosphere, which helps trap heat near the earth and raises the temperature. Even though this is one of the natural causes of global warming, an increase in the number of farm animals raised has greatly increased methane greenhouse gas emissions as well.

2. RainForest Deforestation
One of the causes and effects of global warming is the rain forest deforestation that is occurring on a widespread basis. The forests of the world act as carbon sinks, sequestering carbon in the earth and trees where it is harmless. When the trees are cut down this carbon is released. In addition, the trees take in carbon from the air and turn it into oxygen.

3. Fossil Fuel Power Plants
Fossil fuel power plants are one of the biggest of the causes and effects of global warming. Power plants release large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, normally from burning coal. These emissions contribute to air pollution and global warming.

4. Fossil Fuel Recovery Processes, Including Mining
Recovering fossil fuels has a big impact on the causes and effects of global warming. Mining into the earth releases stored up carbon, which then goes into the air and atmosphere. This contributes to global warming.

5. Vehicles
Vehicles are one of the main causes and effects of global warming, in part because of the sheer numbers of fossil fuel vehicles driven each day around the world. Burning fossil fuels causes large amounts of many greenhouse gas emissions, including methane greenhouse gas.

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