1. An Environmentally Friendly Option
One of the biggest advantages of hybrid cars is the fact that they are very environmentally friendly. They have much less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions because less fossil fuel is used. With hydrogen fuel cells the only emissions are clean and pure water.

Advantages Of Hybrid Cars
2. Lower Fuel Costs
One of the benefits of hybrid cars is that there is less spent in fuel costs. With gasoline and diesel at more than a couple dollars a gallon each. Stretching the fuel as far as possible makes good financial sense. Some manual transmission hybrids can get sixty miles or more on one gallon of fuel.

3. Better Energy Security And Stability
Because the advantages of hybrid cars means using less fuel, this lowers the dependence on foreign countries for fossil fuel supplies. This means more energy security and stability for the country and the population, because there is no need to connect the fuel supply and politics. Many other countries use fossil fuels as a hostage, and with domestically produced fuels and hybrids this can no longer happen.

4. The Hybrid Car Tax Rebate
The hybrid car tax rebate is one of the benefits of hybrid cars. The federal government offers tax credits for hybrid vehicle purchases, and these credits can be from a few hundred dollars to more than five or six thousand. This can be a big financial bonus to buying the best vehicle possible.

5. Prevent A Future Energy Crisis
The advantages of hybrid cars include preventing an energy crisis in the future. As fossil fuels become more scarce their cost will continue to rise, and it will be harder and more expensive to obtain these resources. Switching to hybrid vehicles and alternative energy sources now can prevent a crisis later on because of fuel and energy shortages.

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  1. 1
    Gregory Despain Says:

    Very informative article… Looking forward for more articles on your blog

  2. 2
    Honda Canada Says:

    I think that most Honda’s are built really well, you can beat them. I agree with what your saying, to each his own.

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