Google PowerMeter is a new and free tool which can be used to monitor how much energy you use at home. It helps you to save energy and money, which is of great importance in the present day world, with both the environment and the household budget of great concern. Google PowerMeter enables you to see how much energy you are consuming at home from anywhere online, using information provided by energy monitoring devices.

Save Energy With Google's Fantastic New Tool - Google Powermeter
The principal functions of this power saver tool are as follows:
To monitor and compare how much energy you use on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
To predict your annual energy bill
To find out which appliances are always running, and which are on standby. This is one of the easiest ways to reduce energy
To set yourself a target for saving energy and follow your progress as you work towards this goal

To make use of this power saver tool, you need to buy a Current Cost energy monitor. These are available at most electrical outlets. These monitors are small and are not intrusive - just place it on your desk and you will barely even notice it. The monitor will give you a real time analysis of your energy use at any one time, so if the reading is higher than normal then you can act straight away and turn off any surplus appliances or whatever ever may be consuming unnecessary electricity. Of course, this is a very educational tool, as you quickly become familiar with which appliances are energy sucking, and which are not. Most people who use this tool get some big surprises!

Google Powermeter makes the whole business of energy consumption almost fun, and certainly a lot more interesting than deciphering cryptic bills from your energy provider.

The Google PowerMeter has been getting great reviews from its users. As one US resident who recently connected to the Google PowerMeter explained, he can just sit there as he works and see what is going on in real time. Occasionally he forgets to switch an appliance off, and this will show up clearly as the bar is slightly higher than it was the day before. It enabled him to do really small things to save energy that he previously wouldn't even have thought about, such as fiddling around with the power of the computer.

Another fan of the Google PowerMeter from the UK saved nearly $150 on his bill for the last two quarters and reduced his energy consumption by more than 20%. He explained that Google PowerMeter showed him that his hot water heater was firing up in the middle of the night, something that he previously had no idea about. To combat this, he installed a new insulation blanket and the problem was instantly solved. As he went on to explain, he pays around $2500 a year for electricity, which is $25,000 over a ten year period. This is a big sum of money, and you want to know exactly where it is going: precisely what the tool allows you to do.

Every day more and more people are plugging into this great new power saver tool from Google, and this can only be a good thing in a time when energy reduction is such a priority.

The official page of the tool is at: google

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