We owe it to the environment and our future generations to stop polluting and damaging the earth with the use of fossil fuels and other energy sources that are not renewable. Some people may believe that nuclear power is the answer, but this energy source has very dangerous risks, and creates radioactive byproducts that will be harmful for thousands of years to come. One mistake can have very far reaching and devastating effects on the entire planet, and everyone on it. This risk is unacceptable, but there are a number of renewable energy technologies which do not have these risks, and do not emit greenhouse gases. These technologies can be possible with alternative energy investments. These investments will allow alternative energy sources to be developed and established, so that they become the primary source of energy for the world. This will lead to a renewable energy world that is safe for everyone. With all of the pollution an the fact that global warming is speeding up, we must change the way we use energy, and where we get this energy from. Using renewable energy sources and conserving energy whenever possible will preserve the earth, instead of destroying it.

  • A renewable energy world is a world that is cleaner, healthier, and safer

  • Alternative energy investments can help develop and build renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels

  • Renewable energy sources can help prevent and eliminate greenhouse gases

A renewable energy world is a world that is cleaner, healthier, and safer.
Alternative energy investments can help develop and build renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels.
Renewable energy sources can help prevent and eliminate greenhouse gases.

A renewable energy world is a safer world, one that is cleaner and does not have large amounts of greenhouse gases or pollution which is harmful to both people and the environment. Alternative energy investments can help make this better world a reality, but only when the earth is no longer damaged and destroyed by the recovery and use of fossil fuels, like oil and natural gas. Fossil fuels are not renewable, and they are being depleted at a very fast pace due to increased energy demand around the world. For too long the facts about global warming and the dangers of fossil fuel use have been ignored, and the planet is reaching a point of no return if something is not done quickly to reverse this damage and use renewable sources of energy instead. These sources can include solar power, wind power, ocean power, municipal waste to energy programs, and others.

A renewable energy world is a world where renewable energy is the only source of energy used, and energy sources like fossil fuels are obsolete and no longer used. Fossil fuels damage the earth and environment in a number of ways. The earth is damaged when these fuels are located and recovered, many times using harmful chemicals or methods which destroy large areas and habitats. When these fuels are transported, there is a big danger that an accident can occur, and this can cause environmental damage as well. Oil spills can kill large numbers of animals, birds, and marine life, as well as severely pollute the land and water, and can contaminate the area for decades or even longer. Once the fossil fuels reach their destination and are used, greenhouse gases and pollution particles are released into the air. This means that fossil fuels pose a danger at every step through the entire process, from recovery to use.

Alternative energy investments provide much needed capital to make alternative energy sources much more available and commonly used. There will probably never be one single renewable source of energy that will replace fossil fuel use, but a combination of different sources which are renewable may be the answer. Global warming poses a big threat to mankind and the planet, and preventing greenhouse emissions and removing carbon from the air through the use of renewable energy sources and protecting natural carbon sinks like forests and plants can make our world a renewable energy world that is healthier, safer, and cleaner for future generations.

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