CPG and LPG autogas refueling stations are very cost efficient, and as more become available this will be even more true. Autogas is a great way to slow down and stop global emissions and air pollution, while getting getting cost efficient fuel that helps your budget at the same time, which is important in these tough economic times. Bi-fuel vehicles are equipped to run on traditional gasoline and LPG or CPG. This can be very convenient if you are in an area where there are not any autogas refueling stations, because bi-fuel vehicles can switch back and forth between these two fuels effortlessly. Right now this feature is important because there is not complete autogas refueling station coverage across the United States and the world. This means that there are still many areas where autogas refueling stations are not available and it may be necessary to switch to gasoline until you can fins one. Autogas is a very cost efficient fuel, and it is much better for the environment at the same time.

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2 Responses to “Pros and Cons of CPG and LPG Autogas Stations”

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    benzine Says:

    Good post. I’ve been searching on this. Looking forward to your next post in this blog.

  2. 2
    phil Says:

    I have seen these types of gas stations around but how come I can’t find any vehicles that use them? It seems like people want to push going green – which I’m totally for – but getting the vehicles and having the means to do it is not accessible at all.

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