The devastation that has hit the country of Japan has been followed by their incredible innate ability to not only rebuild, but to plan for the future. After the earthquakes and tsunami, the government has pooled their resources and brought in experts from around the world to rethink their direction for sustainable energy through the use of smart-communities.

Reconstruction in Japan is on a larger scale than most countries may ever have to face. This is one of the reasons that planned co-generation of wind and solar farms is a main focus. Sustainable and renewable energy sources are being supported by interactive learning centers known as ‘green academies’. The educational centers are grooming the next generations to understand and support a variety of low carbon alternatives. In other areas, they are looking to industrial energy waste for reuse in heating hospitals and communal areas.

The reduction and dismantling of their nuclear facilities needs to be replaced with intelligent and renewable sources for their growing population. Reconstruction with a base in self-sufficiency and back up power provisions may be the main concept, but designing smart-communities that use industrial waste, biofuels and other renewable and sustainable alternatives for their power grids will address the main concern of low carbon and environmentally balanced approaches.

The Japanese are a resilient people and this is being demonstrated in their forward thinking emphasis on consumer education in energy efficiency. The intelligent use of land, organic community elements and advisement counsels on the installation of smart grids for the newly constructed cities will reduced the stress and bring clean energy with low or no impact on the environment. Japan has an impressive ambition to create a more resilient and stronger sustainable community for their future and as always, is demonstrating incredible planning and follow through and smart-communities are the answer.


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