Does methane greenhouse gas contribute to global warming? This gas is responsible for some of the causes and effects of global warming, and comes from many different sources. Methane greenhouse gas levels are high, and this has a very damaging effect on global temperatures. This gas comes from cattle and other animals, fossil fuel power plant processes, organic material that is decaying, automobile exhaust, and many other sources. Methane is more than twenty times worse than carbon dioxide when it comes to trapping heat into the atmosphere and slowly increasing the temperature of the globe. Minimizing the use of fossil fuels can help prevent even higher levels of this gas from causing global warming to accelerate more. The melting permafrost may also contribute to higher levels of this gas, because under the permafrost there are large methane greenhouse gas deposits that are released when the permafrost melts. This is one of the causes and effects of global warming, because when permafrost melts it releases methane, which increases the temperature and causes more melting to occur. One step is to switch every fossil fuel power plant to alternative renewable energy sources, and to stop using gasoline and traditional diesel in vehicles. Methane greenhouse gas is a very real threat to the atmosphere and the environment, and unless changes are made the effects of this gases may disrupt life on the planet as nowadays. The temperature changes that are happening are not just a result of one specific gas, or the actions of man. It is a combination of factors, and may require many solutions.

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