Blue Wave Energy is a tidal and wave energy company based in Tokyo, Japan, and the company recently announced a deal worth one hundred and eight million dollars in financing prior to the initial public offering. The company recognizes the advantages of wave energy, and this is evident because almost all of this financing will be used to develop and deploy tidal turbines of the second generation. Blue Wave Energy is a company that is looking forward to the future, and choosing to go green and invest in this business may be the best alternative energy option available. The company has shown a dedication to developing alternative sources which are clean and environmentally friendly, and this makes them one of the best choices out there for many.

Blue Wave Energy
Blue Wave Energy specializes in developing and deploying devices used to capture tidal and wave energy. There are many advantages of wave energy, and one big component is the predictability of the waves and power supplied. The waves are renewable without any effort, and they hold enormous power potential. The oceans of the earth are one of the biggest resources, and the waves hold enough power to light up the entire world if this can be collected efficiently. As the science and technology advance and more power is captured from the waves, coal burning power plants may no longer be needed. Wave power is clean and friendly to the environment, with no air pollution or greenhouse gas emissions. Blue Wave Energy is one of the contenders in this field, and may be a great choice depending on your specific goals.

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