There are many reasons why we should convert to the hydrogen fuel alternative, one of the automotive alternative fuels available. The alternative fuel hydrogen has many benefits, and one of these is the fact that hydrogen does not produce emissions that contain greenhouse gases. These gases are a main contributor of global warming, and burning traditional fossil fuels can release large amounts of these gases into the atmosphere. The hydrogen fuel alternative also does not release particulates into the air, and these small particles are responsible for air pollution and smog, like what is seen over cities including Los Angeles which have high numbers of cars and massive amounts of traffic. Hydrogen can also be produced domestically, so we would no longer have to rely on other countries for our fuel supply and this would increase national security. The hydrogen fuel alternative as the best of the automotive alternative fuels does have some issues though. The infrastructure of the USA would need to be changed so that the alternative fuel hydrogen is widely available, which is not the case currently. This fuel also is more efficient than fossil fuels, and there is no damage to the earth or environment during the recovery. Vehicles which use this fuel are much quieter than traditional vehicles, reducing traffic noise substantially. When this fuel is used, car designers also have much greater flexibility in the specific design used, because these fuel cells can be configured in almost any way needed to fit the design chosen, instead of forcing the design to configure to the fuel cells.

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