How does geothermal power work? The heat from the earth is used efficiently to create electricity and to heat buildings by creating steam. With global warming speeding up and pollution and smog at all time highs around the world, fossil fuels are no longer an option. Because geothermal power generation does not use fossil fuels, and is a clean renewable energy source, this alternative energy source may become the most commonly used source in the future. This energy generation form has many advantages, and no disadvantages. The earth will continue to create heat, because of the radiation process that continues nonstop. There will always be rainfall that replenishes the water underground. Because of these facts, geothermal is a viable renewable energy source that is kind to the earth, the environment, and all living things. There are many geothermal hot spots that could be used as a location for power plants, and these facilities do not cause environmental damage because they only use water, steam, and the heat from the earth. There are no harmful chemicals or toxins used, and there is no pollution into the air.

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