As the world becomes more conscientious about the amount of waste we produce, the focus of going green and recycling has come to the forefront in job about every area of life. It is therefore not surprising that the topic of weddings has been included in the methods of keeping our planet healthy. Magazines all over the country, including some of the topic bridal magazines are offering hints, ideas, success stories and wedding companies that involve making a happy day for the bride and groom just as happy for the earth.

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. It doesn’t matter if you have a small intimate get together or an overall huge blast that includes every friend and relative; there are so many things to consider. The latest trend that has taken hold and taken off is planning a green wedding. While you may wonder where would you start, that’s actually the answer to the question. You start at the beginning, making every wedding choice with a focus on the environmental impact on the earth. What you will be surprised at is the number of businesses that support the wedding industry and are there to help you create a green wedding.

Typically, the venue choice is the basis for the wedding. Selecting an outdoor venue as opposed to indoor saves on overall energy use. The decisions that follow that become easier as you work with car-pooling in hybrid vehicles, check out thrift shops for decorations and even have the brides and bridesmaids in dresses that can be worn outside of the wedding event itself.

There are a number of businesses that work with the couple to coordinate organic, locally grown food for the reception as well as standard china and silver instead of throw away paper products. Other ideas for the bride will be to register in an online gift registry (saves gas) and make sure their selections are items that reinforce their efforts to ‘go green’.

A green wedding can actually add a bit of fun to the planning. There are now companies that will supply invitations that are made from recycled paper, offer alternative and green oriented gift selections for the members of your bridal party and even work with you in some of the small planning steps for the reception. A bride and groom that begin the planning of a green wedding is a fantastic first step in sharing their lives together.

The bridal dress is a very personal choice. A newer trend has returned to some of the older traditions by using a dress from a relative or friend and having it remade via a seamstress to their own style. There are now thrift shops that specialize in some of the higher end gowns and a bride may be able to find a high end dress for a very small price. If that choice isn’t an option for you, you can always search out a seamstress that specializes in replicating the couture look. Bringing a picture of the gown in and selecting local fabric not only saves all around, but will support a local business.

The final moment of a wedding has traditionally involved the throwing of rice. That tradition was replaced due to the hazards of uncooked rice on birds and nature. The latest concept has been to throw flower petals that are collected as extras from the florist. These are petals that would normally be discarded but would make a beautiful exit for the newlywed couple.


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