For all of the benefits of hydroelectric energy and hydrokinetic energy the future of implementing an alternative energy source of any kind are fraught with complications. Hydroelectric energy and hydrokinetic energy are renewable and non-polluting energy sources that do not emit any greenhouse gases or create toxic waste. Accident risks of using hydroelectric energy as an alternative energy source are quite minimal. The main risk comes in the disturbance of the various ecosystems that would be disturbed by an increase in dams.

Hydroelectric Energy
The benefits of utilizing hydroelectric energy are abundant and demand that further development take place throughout the world. Unfortunately, it is believed that the utilization of hydrokinetic energy is grossly underused and understudied. The main issues to moving forward with the implementation of hydroelectric energy are how to minimize the problems that arise from the implementation process itself. Problems such as dealing with the people who become displaced because of new dam construction would have to be resolved, how to finance the expenses of building large and medium sized dams, and dealing with the disturbance of eco-systems would all have to be addressed.

Dams are extremely expensive to build and financially strapped governments are currently looking for private monies to finance their construction. Unfortunately, dam construction has not been a successful business venture in the past because of costly mistakes in construction and planning, which has caused investors to shy away. If these issues can be worked out by the government and the private sector, then the future of hydroelectricity looks promising.

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