A fossil fuel power plant is one of the leading causes of pollution and environmental damage around the world. Coal burning energy plants are the worst, with massive carbon greenhouse gas emissions and tons of pollutants released into the air each day. Fossil fuel alternatives, such as solar and wind energy as well as other renewable sustainable power solutions, do not cause the pollution or increase in greenhouse gases, and require zero fossil fuel. Do we have to bring the fossil fuel power plant down to save the earth? There are some steps that can be taken to cut down on carbon emissions, but even with carbon capture technology this method of producing electricity is harmful to the environment. In addition the cost of capturing carbon during the process can be very expensive. A fossil fuel power plant must be replaced by fossil fuel alternatives if an energy crisis and environmental destruction are to be prevented. Using energy sources that require zero fossil fuel will prevent these fuels from being depleted completely. At some time in the future fossil fuels will no longer be available, and they will become very expensive before they are finally depleted. Replacing every fossil fuel power plant in the world with environmentally friendly power generation facilities can make a big difference to the future. There are many new technologies that show promise in replacing the technology used in most coal powered generation plants. We must switch the way we generate electricity and power for the sake of future generations, as well as the earth and environment. Change must happen soon, or else an energy crisis may occur when oil and coal runs out.

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