Carbon emissions tax are viewed by politicians and the general public alike as one of the ‘good tax’ forms. The perception of the reduction of carbon is perceived as a positive aspect of life, as opposed to the perception of a ‘bad tax’ such as income tax.

Carbon Emissions Tax
CO2 emissions tax fact 3 – There are disadvantages associated with the carbon emissions tax:

The tax has to go through several changes before it delivers the desired effect, which makes it venerable to political change. A CO2 emissions tax must compete with neighboring cities, states or countries which may have not implemented such a tax. If it is too high, a company can move to an area where there is either a lower tax or no tax at all. This can cause the area to lose valuable business income and jobs.
So far the carbon tax has not received too much international support. The cap and trade method has been more politically popular. The desired effect of the CO2 tax was to encourage a reduction of carbon emissions. This goal may not occur if the tax system itself has caused it to be a moot point due to lack of price increase.
Tax evasion - if the carbon taxes are too high many firms may be encouraged to hide their emissions.  With appropriate support to locate the offenders, the carbon emissions will continue without due process of law.

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4 Responses to “Carbon Emissions Tax – Three Facts About the Global Effort to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions -Part 2.”

  1. 1
    jon Says:

    ..that us true, BC’s tax is quite substantial and loks set to rise in the future. It is revenue neutral though, as other taxes were cut to make up for it. I just looked it up and in Alberta and Quebec the taxes are levied only on big carbon emitting compaines. For instance, in Alberta, it applies only to compaines which emit 100,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas annually.

  2. 2
    mike Says:

    Yes but Canada does have provincial carbon taxes in Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta.In BC, consumers pay something like 7 cents a litre carbon tax.

  3. 3
    jon Says:

    In the 2008 election in Canada, the carbon tax issue was huge. The proposed tax by the Liberal Party would have been revenue-neutral, as other tax cuts were planned. Unfortunately, however, the tax was so unpopular that it in a long way contributed to the defeat of the Liberal Party.

  4. 4
    jake Says:

    On July 1 of this year India brought in a carbon tax of 50 rupees per metric tonne of coal. Coal is big in India – it powers more than 50% of the country’s electricity needs. This has been done help them meet their voluntary target to reduce the amount of CO2 released by 25% of the 2005 level within the next decade

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