Biomass alternative energy offers a unique opportunity for investors, because once this technology takes off on a wide scale investors who got in early will see high returns on their investment capital. They will be like the oil barons who invested in oil before it was widely used in the eighteen hundreds. The potential for high returns is basically unlimited, especially as more biomass sources are being studied and implemented that do not use food crops to create energy. Waste food and municipal waste are both products hat are discarded and thrown away, yet they can be valuable sources of biomass energy that could be useful. As biomass energy technology becomes more refined and is further researched and developed, you may see waste food and garbage leave your home and receive heat and electricity, plus fuel for your car, that is generated with the same trash you threw out. Biomass alternative energy also includes plants like rapeseed, which can be grown on land that is not fit for any farming or agriculture use. Biomass power plants will become common, and investors who realize this early may see the highest returns. Check out biomass alternative energy, and you will be amazed at all this technology has to offer for investors.

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    There could be no better investment in America than to invest in America becoming energy independent! We need to utilize everything in out power to reduce our dependence on foreign oil including using our own natural resources. Create cheap clean energy, new badly needed green jobs, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The high cost of fuel this past year seriously damaged our economy and society. The cost of fuel effects every facet of consumer goods from production to shipping costs. After a brief reprieve gas is inching back up. OPEC will continue to cut production until they achieve their desired 80-100. per barrel. If all gasoline cars, trucks, and SUV’s instead had plug-in electric drive trains, the amount of electricity needed to replace gasoline is about equal to the estimated wind energy potential of the state of North Dakota. There is a really good new book out by Jeff Wilson called The Manhattan Project of 2009 Energy Independence Now.

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