Biodiesel boats are the newest trend, and biodiesel boat racing has become a very popular sport. Boats which use biodiesel alternative fuel have won races, even when competing against traditional gas and diesel boats, and these vehicles have a lot to offer when it comes to the environment. Biodiesel boats do not pose any harm to marine life or wildlife in the area, because biodiesel alternative fuel is not toxic and will degrade harmlessly. Biodiesel boat racing does not cause an increase in pollutants and greenhouse gases which are released into the atmosphere, making this sport environmentally friendly. This fuel is made from biomass materials, so it is a renewable and sustainable source of fuel that can be produced right here in the USA. Biodiesel boat racing started the trend towards biodiesel boats, but now these vehicles have really started to catch on. There are many types of boats which can use biodiesel alternative fuel, and if there is a boat type that uses traditional fossil fuels you will be able to find or convert it to biodiesel. With the effects of global warming increasing, and scientists warning that the earth can not take much more, biodiesel boats can have a big impact on the future. These are cleaner and more efficient both, and biodiesel boat racing has proven that this fuel can perform just as well, if not better in many aspects. Another factor is the reduction in vapors, odors, and smog that can have a big effect on you while you are driving the watercraft.

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