As you make your way out the door to go shopping, remember that the clothes you pick off the rack that look oh-so-good, are probably packed with hazardous chemicals that could be cancer causing. A majority of the world’s fashion manufacturers deliberately add these chemicals to clothes for men, women and children, and this turns shopping into toxic fashions.

A report released by Greenpeace, called “Toxic Threads - The Big Fashion Stitch-Up,” is based on an in-depth investigation of the fashion world manufacturers. Twenty of the world’s largest fashion brands contain hazardous chemicals such as amines, when broken down, are cancer causing agents. Other brands contain NPEs, that when broken down, contain chemicals that are known hormone disruptors. The content of these agents that were above 1,000 ppm, included manufacturers such as: Levi’s, Zara, Mango, Metersbonwe, Calvin Klein, M&S (Marks & Spenser), and Jack & Jones. Additional toxic fashions include higher levels of phthalates in four of the products and included traces of amine from using the azo dyes in two of the Zara products. There were many other hazardous chemicals found in the clothing items tested. Over 141 clothing items were selected for the testing process, and the results found for the study were not only shocking but alarming that the fashion world would buy into these practices.

Manufacturers have their factories in many countries that do not have the same safety standards and levels of requirements as in the United States. The manufacturers produce their products and the toxic run offs end up in the water supplies, allowing them to use nature’s water as their own personal toilet. It is important to note that Marks & Spencer and H&M have already committed to the discharge of zero toxic chemicals by the year 2020. There is no reason that the other manufacturers cannot do the same.


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3 Responses to “Are You Wearing Toxins Today? Hazardous Chemicals Exposed in Fashion”

  1. 1
    GottaBelieve Says:

    There is no one that we can trust, especially the designers and manufacturers. They are self-centered, self-focused and money driven. I try to buy American-made, but it’s almost impossible to find anything, unless it’s a local company. All I can say is ‘shame on you’ to those that are putting all of us at a health risk.

  2. 2
    NarryADay Says:

    I had heard about the chemicals that are added to clothes by the manufacturers. My neighbor told me about it and I thought she was kidding. I didn’t think those same big brand names, who we know are having the clothes made in other countries for the cheap labor, would go so low as to add toxins to the clothes. Obviously the priority for them is dollars and not safety.

  3. 3
    TopDad Says:

    Why are the clothing manufacturers putting all this stuff on our clothes and our children’s clothes? Even if the substances are known to be toxic on a lighter basis, why are they gambling with our lives and why are they being allowed to? Are they going to pay for the doctor and hospital bills that will start to add up when we all get sick?

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