It is no surprise that biodiesel engines burn cleaner than regular diesel. They lower greenhouse gas emissions and have fewer carbon emissions. Clean engines also contribute less to air pollution, smog and, therefore, global warming. The transition from fossil fuels to biofuels and the implementation of clean engines is less expensive and complex than any oil tycoon would have you think. This is because a supposedly civilized world has a huge oil dependency. We are addicted to this dirty material. Aircrafts, lawnmowers, cars and even some power tools need to run on oil. Plus, the suburban and exurban sprawl of modern neighborhoods and city planning requires us to be in our cars far more than it is healthy for the environment. If you doubt this oil dependency, simply look at the gas prices in recent years. They soared to over four dollars per gallon, and despite complaints, people paid them out of necessity. Furthermore, consider that the United States consumes 24 percent of all the petroleum in the world. The aforementioned civilized world is in dire need of alternative and renewable energy sources to kick our oil addiction and boost our fragile ecosystem.

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2 Responses to “Alternative Fuel Systems Can Change The Future”

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    Alcoholism is a Disease a Says:

    Timeless info. I can’t tell you how often we discuss topics like this in group. If drunks are seekers why are they so lost. And if they are just hiding, why do they always get found.

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    Vanessa G. Says:

    You say it right in your article that the transition is less expensive than people think. It is the people with the oil reserves that want to keep the rest of us enslaved to fossil fuels. They are the minority yet they hold all the cards. Not right, is it?

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