It's true that people are doing the best they can at any given moment, so cut them some slack. Try to see a situation from their point of view and acknowledge that it's their truth, for now. Plus, you can't know for sure what goes through another person's mind.

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canada goose black friday sale They have accomplished nothing, and yet feel, somehow, as if they were there, knocking down walls with the co hosts.What sets "Flip or Flop" apart from the rest of HGTV's lineup, however, is Christina and Tarek, stereotypically attractive Californians whose personal narrative as husband and wife, best friends, business partners and parents has captured the hearts of their most loyal fans.Fans were devastated to learn in December that the beloved, picture perfect couple had been separated for nearly eight months, the result of a distressing incident at the El Moussas' Orange County home that involved a gunand the police. All this came after news reports claimed that their spinoff real estate classes, pitched as training sessions for aspiring house flippers, were a disingenuous money grab, which they denied.The couple's perceived instability had fans questioning whether there was room for reconciliation and whether a long term split would mean the end of "Flip or Flop."Then this week, Tarek officially filed for divorce.He is seeking spousal support and joint custody of the couple's two children, daughter Taylor, 6, and canada goose clothing uk son Brayden, 1, Yahoo reported.The sense of permanency that accompanied this news thrust fans further into a mournful frenzy, lamenting the death of canada goose outlet real a love story in which they felt so invested one that had been sprinkled throughout six seasons on air and included a cancer canada goose factory outlet toronto location scare, canada goose outlet locations in toronto in vitro fertilization treatments and the birth of their second baby. Christina had just graduated from college. canada goose black friday sale

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